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Captivation / Allegro Vivace

Captivation / Allegro Vivace The Saatchi Gallery

Brian Fahlstrom

Captivation / Allegro Vivace

oil on canvas

188 x 227 cm

In Captivation/Allegro Vivace, Brian Fahlstrom decodes both nature and painting into an unruly system of attributions and translations. Flaunting his study of the masters, Fahlstrom appropriates the essence of Van Gogh, Derrain, Klimt, and Cezanne with an air of unnerving casualness. Composing a landscape by means of affiliation, clouds, trees, and mountains are distorted, not to suggest themselves, but to insinuate their art historical lineage. Through deciphering the tradition of painting, Fahlstrom resurrects artistic romanticism as a refreshingly new enchantment.
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