Caragh Thuring - Contemporary Artists


409 The Saatchi Gallery

Caragh Thuring


Oil and gesso and ink on linen

244 x 335 cm

The black line that meanders through Caragh Thuring’s 409 retraces the actual flight path of a glider over the Alps. Thuring recreates this event with minimal information: a building, mountain, aircraft, and line. Each element is rendered independently and in disproportionate scale. This creates a heightened awareness of the flat picture plane and exposes the multiple ways we understand space as an illusion. For example, the house rises from the bottom of the canvas, an assumed ‘earth’, and the mountain is much smaller, and made to look ephemeral or hazy, as if it was in the distance. The line of the flight path, pictorially at the fore, is ‘above’, looking down on everything else; it also looks like a map or a landscape paradoxically creating a solid ground.
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