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General Scenes of Unloading

General Scenes of Unloading The Saatchi Gallery

Caragh Thuring

General Scenes of Unloading

Oil on linen

199 x 250 cm

Thuring often works directly on linen canvas and leaves its bare surface visible in many places. This replicates the aesthetics of a draught or blueprint. General Scenes Of Unloading is one of two paintings of a London docklands scene that Thuring made at the same time; this canvas contains all the imagery that she didn’t include in the other painting. For Thuring, the docklands are a complete eco-system where each element has a function that is part of an interdependent network. She is interested in how machinery can exist as a created ‘personality’ by dint of its manufacture or function. In her painting Thuring translates the scene intuitively; fragments of cranes, pipes, and security barriers become isolated and she highlights certain details while omitting others. Each separate vignette is painted in a delicate gestural way, like a cherished portrait.
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