Carla Busuttil - Contemporary Artists

A Necklace From the People

A Necklace From the People The Saatchi Gallery

Carla Busuttil

A Necklace From the People

Oil on canvas

60 x 30 cm

Busuttil designs A Necklace From The People as a double image of crime and punishment. The figure in the painting stands to rigid attention facing an unseen crowd. His rich Prussian blue uniform is laden with elaborate military brocade; on closer inspection however, these golden accolades form a noose. “I think it is interesting to try to draw a parallel between this painting and Matchboxes And Necklaces. They are both of very different moments in history but deal with similar ethical questions about the condoning of violence. A Necklace From The People references an image of Saddam Hussein’s execution whilst the title Matchboxes and Necklaces references a quote from Winnie Mandela: ‘With our necklaces and our matchboxes we will liberate South Africa.’"
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