Carla Busuttil - Contemporary Artists

Matchboxes And Necklaces

Matchboxes And Necklaces The Saatchi Gallery

Carla Busuttil

Matchboxes And Necklaces

Oil on canvas

150 x 130 cm

“I have a broad, probably unhealthy interest in the history of violence, corruption and the rule of law, and examples of these can be found everywhere. The figures in all these works were sourced from a lot of different found images (from newspapers, the Internet, magazines) so they are loosely based on real people,” Carla Busuttil explains. “I usually use more than one found image as a source and sometimes combine ideas from other images or paintings so the figures end up becoming more fictionalized. However, behind each work is usually a story or idea and typically the people portrayed are figures in positions of power – some more powerful than others, but all figures I find fascinating. This fascination stems primarily from the element of power itself and its possible effect on people, rather than any specific opinion of individuals portrayed.”
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