Carla Busuttil - Contemporary Artists

Great British Smile

Great British Smile The Saatchi Gallery

Carla Busuttil

Great British Smile

Oil on canvas

170 x 150 cm

“Often my subjects may be well-known figures. However, I prefer to rely on visual cues, rather than depicting the figures as themselves. With the works Great British Smile, Wake up Rod, and Alles Ist Schwindel I had Margaret Thatcher in mind. Here the visual clues are the shape of the hair, the shoulder-pad-shaped body and the pearl necklace. The story I had at the back of my mind when painting a couple of these was of Thatcher’s statue being decapitated by vandals. Her legacy is an interesting one as she seems to polarize opinion. Some see her as a successful reformer, while others see a power-hungry dominatrix.”
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