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Tata Ma Chance, Tata Ma Millions

Tata Ma Chance, Tata Ma Millions The Saatchi Gallery

Carla Busuttil

Tata Ma Chance, Tata Ma Millions

Oil on canvas

33 x 26 cm

Tata Ma Chance, Tata Ma Millions is an advertising slogan for the South African lottery. “The title is a cynical reference to an oft-prevailing attitude that positions of political power are also a route to financial wealth. A culture of graft and entitlement amongst senior civil servants is the subject matter of this painting.” Busuttil uses the properties of the paint itself, rather than just the image, to manifest critique. Caked on with grotesque impasto, her figure becomes a physical incarnation, a literal mountain of tarnishing brush strokes. The faux-naive drafting and simple bright colours lend a paradoxically sinister air to his ridiculed persona; his gluttonous jowls and slot-machine mouth belie the polish of his fashionably funky attire.
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