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Untitled (2006 #52)

Untitled (2006 #52) The Saatchi Gallery


Untitled (2006 #52)

Blue and black acrylic ink, acrylic paint, pencil, synthetic hair, hand-made marbled paper, gel medium and paper on paper

120.7 x 107.3cm

Though Carter’s drawings are directed by an intuitive aesthetic, they evolve from an incredibly time consuming and considered process. Carter begins each work by making his own marbleised paper. Referencing the emotive brushwork of Abstract Expressionist painting, Carter’s swirling patters are created through a ‘hands off’ procedure of dipping individual sheets into a water and oil solution – a process similar to developing photographs. Using these designs as a template over which multiple drawings are arranged and pasted, Carter merges repetitive forms with his ‘instantaneous’ colour-fields, creating a conceptual symbiosis between the intimacy of abstraction and the mechanisation of pop.
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