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Untitled (2006 #53)

Untitled (2006 #53) The Saatchi Gallery


Untitled (2006 #53)

Acrylic ink, acrylic paint,pencil, synthetic hair, hand-made marbled paper, gel medium and paper on paper

120.7 x 108 cm

Carter’s idiosyncratic process extends from his material preparation to the act of drawing itself. Never working from imagination, all of Carter’s images are developed from what he describes as “life” study: careful anatomical examination of mannequins, sculptures and photographs. Modelling his images on figurative ‘stand ins’, Carter goes to great lengths to establish their veritas: often directly tracing a form, and always presenting the body in true scale. Through this element of reality, Carter’s work shuns the notion of painting as illusion or representation. Rather his abstractions embrace a concept of self-sustainable identity, giving validation to copy and placebo.
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