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In The Bath (My Mother And My Sister)

In The Bath (My Mother And My Sister) The Saatchi Gallery

Clarisse d'Arcimoles

In The Bath (My Mother And My Sister)

Archival inkjet print

24.5 x 35 cm

“The initial inspiration for wanting to do this project came from a photograph of my brother and I as children, naked having a bath together in a small pink bucket. When trying to re-stage this photograph I realised it would be interpreted with pornographic connotations – which was absolutely not the aim of course! When I photographed my mother and my sister in the tub my mother was unhappy about it, especially about being naked. It took a while to talk her into doing it. My sister was really big in comparison to when she was 3, and in the original picture she has such a crazy smile. To recreate a natural smile like that took a lot of persuasion.”
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