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Camille (My Sister)

Camille (My Sister) The Saatchi Gallery

Clarisse d'Arcimoles

Camille (My Sister)

Archival inkjet print

32 x 26 cm

“I never work with photomontage, it’s important I make the entire set to recreate an actual atmosphere so my family members can go back to their childhood. Camille (My Sister) is from a school photograph from when she was about 13; she’s 35 now. As a photographer, directing my family members as models was quite a challenge. We needed to find a common understanding in order to achieve the very exact position and expression of the original image while keeping the shot looking natural. It is easier to recreate a picture like this one than one with an elaborate setting. My sister remembered having this photo taken; she had to concentrate during the shooting in order to get the right expression. Every single detail is important and takes time to be checked carefully when comparing the two photos; the gap between young and old should not be visible. Thanks to this new way of observing details that I had never noticed before, I found interesting clues in the images.”
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