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Legos (Self-Portrait)

Legos (Self-Portrait) The Saatchi Gallery

Clarisse d'Arcimoles

Legos (Self-Portrait)

Archival inkjet print

27.5 x 42 cm

“Un-possible retour is a way back to childhood, even if it is just for a short instant. We were all children once, and that is something that is always current within us. My work can be a game as well: you can play with the similarities and differences. By creating these kinds of comparisons, or rather confrontations, I felt like I was exploring time in its oddest form – as if there was a dialogue between the past and the present moment. In South America the school photos are quite festive and look exotic with the beach backgrounds. The preparation for this photo was more difficult than expected: the backdrop is an image I found on the Internet and I couldn’t find the same Lego; it took hours to retouch it to get the colours to match. The expression as well was really difficult. I don’t have a studio and work in my flat, so it’s all done in a small space. I made a film about my process which you can see on the Saatchi Gallery website.”
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