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Petit Roi (My Brother)

Petit Roi (My Brother) The Saatchi Gallery

Clarisse d'Arcimoles

Petit Roi (My Brother)

Archival inkjet print

31 x 42.5 cm

“I understood I would have to be extremely organised, as each photo restaging would take weeks of preparation. I grouped the photographs I wanted to re-shoot according to location. I had to plan my schedule around the availability of my protagonists, to book flights and train tickets between London, Paris and the south of France, to make costumes and props; and most of all, always make sure that nothing would be missing on the day of the shoot. It was a crazy time. For Petit Roi, I used a disposable camera with a flash to get the ‘snap shot’ aesthetic. The original photo has turned yellow now, and I had to tint my version in Photoshop. Most of the photos I restage were taken in the 90s; my brother, sisters, and I were the last generation photographed with film cameras and to have family albums. Now everyone uses digital, and we don’t really print photos anymore. My project will probably have a different meaning and impact in a few years’ time because of this.”
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