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Religieuse (Self-Portrait)

Religieuse (Self-Portrait) The Saatchi Gallery

Clarisse d'Arcimoles

Religieuse (Self-Portrait)

Archival inkjet print

27 x 42 cm

“This picture of me was taken in South America on Christmas Eve; I was so happy, it was the first year I was allowed to celebrate Christmas Eve with my parents. The cake was my favourite one and still is. To achieve the photographs I had chosen, and especially the ones that pictured me as a child, I had to innovate with the relation between model and photographer. Indeed, I became the model and my inexperienced family members had to become photographers, under my instructions. Not only was I in a slightly uncomfortable position trying to reconstruct my identity as a child (both physically and emotionally) but I also had to teach my family how to use digital and manual cameras, trigger and flash kits!”
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