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She Likes The Way She Feels

She Likes The Way She Feels The Saatchi Gallery

Clunie Reid

She Likes The Way She Feels

Mixed media on silver inkjet print

84 x 112 cm

She Likes The Way She Feels was made at a time when Reid was working on an animation featuring Pamela Anderson in a shower, and much of its visual ‘logic’ extends from her film; this illustrates Reid’s creative processes of stream of consciousness association, overlapping images and ideas in continuous cross reference that mirror media’s output. The background is a negative and reversed image of a casino, its aqua blue hues and solarised treatment reference water: “as a spiritual or subjective state, of being in perfect harmony with one’s surroundings,” Reid explains. “The text suggests a self-conscious feeling of pleasure, and a movement towards that being objectified. ‘Attention’ at the bottom brings it all back to a narcissistic self image.” Covered with super-girlie decals, Reid points to the infantilisation of female sexuality in popular culture.
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