Clunie Reid - Contemporary Artists

Window, Smoke, Square

Window, Smoke, Square The Saatchi Gallery

Clunie Reid

Window, Smoke, Square

Marker pen and stickers on c-type print

34.7 x 29 cm

In Window, Smoke, Square, Reid constructs an image to reiterate the viewer’s processes of perception. The piece shows a detail of a generic magazine picture which Reid re-photographed (the glare in the bottom right corner is a result of her camera’s flash) and then over-layed with a decorative sticker and text. Labelling every element of the photo, Reid compounds the act of looking to a state of hyper-consciousness. “It’s about the amount of information you have in an image,” explains Reid, “how you make sense of an image if everything is active in telling you what it is. The work is proactive, or interfering, with a transparent viewing process: the degrees of substantiality or surreality of the thing in the image in relation to just seeing the image as purely icon. The square is a square but also something else, the room is negative space but is positive in comparison to the text, and the girl is reduced to the level of the other objects in the image.”
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