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Still Alive

Still Alive The Saatchi Gallery

Cris Brodahl

Still Alive

oil on canvas

122 x 147 cm

Painted with the romanticised aura of yesteryear, Cris Brodahl’s Still Alive is an exquisite and bizarre arrangement. Drawing from Surrealism as a departure point for negotiating the human form, Brodahl’s painting is pieced together as a stylised motif, an irrational and dream-like icon. Brodahl’s ‘portrait’ is both seductive and monstrous: fashionable accoutrements of flowers and fur double as sensuous physicality, replicating folds of skin and alluring warmth, accessorised by a disembodied hand and all-seeing eye. Through her delicate assemblage, Brodahl composes a disjointed fetishism, conceiving the rules of attraction as esophoric and cerebral paradigm.
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