Dan Colen - Contemporary Artists

Untitled (going, going, go…,)

Untitled (going, going, go…,) The Saatchi Gallery

Dan Colen

Untitled (going, going, go…,)

Oil on canvas

96.5 x 96.5 cm

In Untitled (going, going, go…) Dan Colen presents a traditional still-life. His composition apprises worldly indulgence and inevitable mortality, including all the accoutrements of 17th century memento mori: wine cask, pen and ink, extinguished candle. Drawing comparison to Ed Ruscha’s semiotic pop paintings, Colen’s canvas is rendered with the cool precision of graphic illustration, rendering the romantic scene in contemporary language. The word ‘going’ is subliminally repeated in the lingering trails of smoke, underscoring the painting’s message with pop logotype.
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