Dan Colen - Contemporary Artists

Untitled (Vete al Diablo)

Untitled (Vete al Diablo) The Saatchi Gallery

Dan Colen

Untitled (Vete al Diablo)

Wood, wire, polyurethane, papier mâché, gesso, oil paint

182.9 x 121.9 cm base 30.5 cm

Drawing from mass media, environmental experience and sub-cultural language, Dan Colen’s work infuses a sense of magic in the under valued and ordinary. In Untitled (Vete Al Diablo), a graffitied boulder is fictionally transplanted from suburban wasteland. Towering as a henge-like monument, it immediately conjures images of teenage ritual, exuding a reliquary aura as degenerate totem. It is in fact made from papier mâché expertly faux finished to look like the real thing. Colen creates a duplicity in the sculpture’s rough hewn appearance, elevating the overlooked and forsaken to a contemplative object of inspiring craftsmanship.
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