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Untitled 3 (The Gregorian)

Untitled 3 (The Gregorian) The Saatchi Gallery

Dan Holdsworth

Untitled 3 (The Gregorian)


122 x 152cm

Dan Holdsworth’s Untitled (The Gregorian) images were taken at the American National Astronomy and Ionosphere Centre in Puerto Rico; the UFO-like form is in actuality part of the Arecibo Space Telescope. Photographed a night with exposures up to four hours, the unusual location of an aeronautics station nestled deep in a jungle gains an even more mysterious aura; as the acidic hues captured on film translate with the graphic effect of video games. Through his exploration of the natural world through the simple mechanisation of photography, Holdsworth defines a modern spiritualism, a humbling reminder of the scope of things yet undiscovered.
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