Dan Perfect - Contemporary Artists

Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon The Saatchi Gallery

Dan Perfect

Antelope Canyon

Oil and acrylic on linen

183 x 257 cm

“The ideas in my work are tightly bound to the physical performance of making them. My paintings are like imagined interior or psychological landscapes. You might think of them like stage sets or dramatic scenes from video games: their space doesn’t go on forever, and they have rules and parameters. They aren’t real responses to nature, but re-imagined experiences, a way of bringing the outside world into my studio. They seem quite urban and technological, and there’s a strong sense of science fiction in them. It’s a decayed science fiction where tumultuous change and biological entropy is intervened and radically altered. My paintings are full of experimentation – everything is partial: masks, costumes, body parts, animals that are human, humans that are animals, things are taken apart and exploded. History is rooted in biology but futurologists predict that we will soon be able to transcend our biology; in 50 years you may be able to upload yourself. In my paintings I’m thinking about the nature of what it is to be us in this world right now.”
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