Dan Perfect - Contemporary Artists


Village The Saatchi Gallery

Dan Perfect


Oil and acrylic on linen

183 x 257 cm

“Though my paintings quote different kinds of aesthetics and textures, it’s all done with brush work. The first layer is made with water-based paint and can look like spray paint. The backgrounds are mutable and flux-like. I put sharper paint on slowly until things start to coalesce and appear out of the formlessness. I want things to emerge out of this organic mulch and build up rhythmic and density counterpoints. As artistic references I’m interested in works by Per Kirkeby, Roberto Matta, Alan Davie and Van Gogh. The titles of my paintings are indicators towards partial narrative readings and I think of them as part of the painting palette. They’re like a punctum or emotional provocateur. Village, for example – how terrifying is the word ‘village’? This painting depicts the village of the damned to some extent: it’s community, it’s cellular proximity, information interchange. It’s a lot more threatening than some of my other canvases. But it’s also quite bucolic – a happy hell.”
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