Daniel Hesidence - Contemporary Artists

Untitled (post FARM Paintings)

Untitled (post FARM Paintings) The Saatchi Gallery

Daniel Hesidence

Untitled (post FARM Paintings)

Oil on canvas

214 x 183 cm

Daniel Hesidence approaches his practice as a philosophical totality. Situating himself as the inventor of an ever-expanding universe, Hesidence’s individual pieces provide mere glimpses into a creative infinite. Composing his work in ‘volumes’, Hesidence’s paintings document a self-propelled evolution. Each canvas is distinct yet interconnected, holding its own place in his ‘cosmological’ timeline. Untitled is indicative of Hesidence’s stream of consciousness process. Emerging from the blank white canvas, impassioned smears of colour form a halo around a suggested figure. Rather than defining an image, Hesidence uses the malleable qualities of paint to portray an emotional and psychological state. Distant and dream-like, the intricacies of sentient gesture form a physical representation of the intangibility and impermanence of thought.
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