Daniel Hesidence - Contemporary Artists

Untitled (FARM Paintings)

Untitled (FARM Paintings) The Saatchi Gallery

Daniel Hesidence

Untitled (FARM Paintings)

Oil on canvas

259 x 335 cm

Daniel Hesidence describes his work as a process of decoding consciousness. Working from a memory bank of visual information his practice is based on an intuitive negotiation of imagination through tangible media, narrating the sluices of thought through spontaneous and unmediated painterly response. Often working on several canvases simultaneously, each image feeds into and progresses from a continuous dialogue. In Untitled, the form of a horse dissipates into a torrential abstracted field. Painted with restrained energy, raw emotions of power and sexuality are tempered through Hesidence’s romantic palette and sybaritic brushwork. Rendered in monumental scale, Untitled is arresting in its passive grandeur; its dramatic climax is emitted with an unsettling elegance and rarefied potency.
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