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Untitled (FARM Paintings)

Untitled (FARM Paintings) The Saatchi Gallery

Daniel Hesidence

Untitled (FARM Paintings)

Oil on canvas

244 x 214 cm

Embracing painting as an unlimited form of expression, Daniel Hesidence’s works describe a means of sub-language communication, something primal and emotive that exceeds linguistic structure. Hesidence’s style ranges from figuration to abstraction, but his subject matter is always what lies beyond the surface. Ranging from dense impasto to delicate washes, frenzied brushmarks and disquieting voids, Hesidence’s refined techniques transform reticent sentiment into tactile physicality. Mapping out the idyllic meanderings of cerebral terrain, Untitled’s colourful fantasia playfully conveys amorphous vitality with an aura of pastoral calm.
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