Daniel Hesidence - Contemporary Artists

Untitled (FARM Paintings)

<em>Untitled</em> (FARM Paintings) The Saatchi Gallery

Daniel Hesidence

Untitled (FARM Paintings)

Oil on canvas

274.3 x 152.4 cm

Sensations of velocity and beautified discord are omnipresent throughout Daniel Hesidence’s work. Executed with a poetic sensitivity, his compositions convey both intimacy and turmoil. Through gesture, mark-making and an intuitive handling of his medium, his forms attempt to decode both personal and social consciousness. Hesidence approaches his work as a way to process collected information, to rationalise the instinctual visual dialogue through which we interpret our environment. Through reassembling forms, images and impressions, Hesidence transcribes this language through his own experience and dialect, offering alternative perceptions and meanings based in creative possibility.
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