Daniel Hesidence - Contemporary Artists

Untitled (post FARM Paintings)

<em>Untitled</em> (post FARM Paintings) The Saatchi Gallery

Daniel Hesidence

Untitled (post FARM Paintings)

Oil on canvas

244 x 183 cm

Recalling the Abstract Expressionist’s contemplative fields, Daniel Hesidence’s canvases ebb towards the transcendental. In negotiating visual articulation Hesidence reconvenes with an elusive and long-forgotten collective experience. In Untitled, Hesidence’s grid-like composition dissembles with chaotic uncertainty as tranquil hues of opposing colour converge with awkward grace. Hesidence’s paintings possess a synaesthetic quality: their visual surfaces conjure sensual associations of sound, touch, motion and scent. Describing the totality of perceptual experience through paint, Hesidence’s work strives to evoke a deeper lever of shared consciousness.
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