Dash Snow - Contemporary Artists

This Was Your Life

This Was Your Life The Saatchi Gallery

Dash Snow

This Was Your Life

Leather couch, rosary, mask with human hair, mirror, fur coat, horny hillbilly, palm tree, snakeskin boots, silent witness

205.7 x 195.6 cm

In This Was Your Life, Dash Snow uses the sensational story of cannibal and self-style messiah Daniel Rakowitz as an inspiration for his installation. Drug den accoutrements of cheap leather sofa, potted plant, satanic medallion, and snake skin boots are compiled in shrine-like effigy, rendering a portrait of a monster as a sad, pathetic, ridiculous cliché. Piled in the well-worn seat of pot-head immobility, these relics of evil are transformed to impotent and empty mementos. Accompanied by a newspaper clipping detailing bizarre court revelations, Snow’s installation examines the fine line between banality, insanity, and sheer terror.
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