Dean Hughes - Contemporary Artists

Shelf and Boxes

Shelf and Boxes The Saatchi Gallery

Dean Hughes

Shelf and Boxes

Backing card

22.4 x 23.4 x 6.3 cms

“It’s important that the works have a connection to my hand, I don’t feel comfortable with things bigger than my hand. I prefer to make things by hand, they have to be made by me – they’re never made by industrial processes and I never use assistants. I think that’s all artists have – the process of making things they don’t understand. Artists spend their time trying to understand things. What I really enjoy about looking at artwork is that it always relates to a person. It’s approachable because someone’s made decisions about it, and I can think about those decisions. In Shelf And Boxes the objects just sit on top of each other, they’re not glued down. There is an element of order, but they’re slightly out of line; this makes it seem more natural, like it should just be there.”
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