Dean Hughes - Contemporary Artists

Shelves (ii)

Shelves (ii) The Saatchi Gallery

Dean Hughes

Shelves (ii)

Backing card

15 x 20 x 6.3 cms

“My work used to be more about ideas, but now it’s much more about me seeing myself doing an activity. The process is really crucial. It’s about making an artwork from a thing which I think hasn’t been noticed. Part of my process is just looking at my objects in a space. My studio is in my flat and the works were made in different rooms, so I spent a long time living with them and looking at them in an everyday functional environment. It wasn’t until I first installed them in an empty space that I became aware of how much they are looking at you. I was surprised by how alive they seem. People often think of them as bird boxes or some form of architecture, but I don’t really think about them in a representational way. When I look at them it’s like they’re really full, like each one might have something in it.”
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