Dean Hughes - Contemporary Artists

Shelves (iii)

Shelves (iii) The Saatchi Gallery

Dean Hughes

Shelves (iii)

Backing card

30 x 21 x 6.3 cms

“I try to make a better or the very best relationship with work that I can: I make one, and then try to have an even better experience when I make the next one and to attempt a unique expression. The cubes are 2.5 cm as I didn’t punch the holes. The scale is dictated by the distance of the hole to the edge of the paper. Measurements are important to my work: I’m fascinated by how the space between the edge of the paper and the hole can generate an artwork. It’s a way of not making a decision about it, and just going with something. Part of it is about me finding an admiration or beauty in those things. I thought about building things with them, but I try to keep as much as I can out of the work, so instead I made structures to see them in.”
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