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This England

This England The Saatchi Gallery

Dee Ferris

This England

oil on canvas

183 x 321 cm

Presenting mere glimpses of her subjects, Ferris conceives painting as a platform for ambient communication: nebulous brushwork conveys the delicacy of heartfelt longing; her chimeric narratives are hinted through distant vaporous vignettes. Using the tropes of melodrama, Dee Ferris’s paintings drip with an over the top sentimentality. Transcending kitsch, Ferris wittily uses cliché to describe emotional absolutes, validating the gushy and saccharine as genuine sensation. In This England, Byron-esque themes of poetry dance through the pearlescent mists of her canvas. White horses charge through the foggy English countryside, an almost filmic scene, celebratory of a lost heritage, as innocent and frivous as Fragonnard or Watteau.
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