Richard Evans - Contemporary Artists

Black Grape

Black Grape The Saatchi Gallery

Richard Evans

Black Grape

Silicon carbide, paint, artex, polystyrene, can, cigarette butts

222 x 165 x 200 cm

Inspired by his Hackney neighbourhood, Richard Evans’s sculptures draw from the grittiness of urban culture. In Black Grape, Evans’s giant wave towers over the viewer with an air of monumental sadness. Made from silicone carbide, a material used for grinding rocks and cutting diamonds, Black Grape’s dark swell is a metaphor for existential crisis, desire and grief. Personifying his raw force of nature with fag butts and a beverage can, Evans renders a sense of powerlessness in the face of immense beauty and devastation. The palm tree on the drink logo mirrors the curvaceous composition of the wave; Black Grape is a brand of soda popular in the fringes of London society.
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