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French Man World War I (Superheroe-Series)

French Man World War I (Superheroe-Series) The Saatchi Gallery

Dirk Skreber

French Man World War I (Superheroe-Series)

Foam and tape on wood

250 x 150 cm

Fabricated through a process of reduction, French Man World War I (Superheroe-Series) blurs the bounds between abstraction and representation. Carefully picking through strips of foam rubber, Skreber gnaws away at the surface to reveal an image of a soldier. He sets up a plane of conflict between the physical and the optical. The soft tangibility of the foam, interrupted with the chiselled sense of decay, is in stark contrast to the clean graphic form it contains. Skreber creates not a painting, but a divestment, in which beauty is conceived as erosive destruction.
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