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Pup Tent

Pup Tent The Saatchi Gallery

Inka Essenhigh

Pup Tent

2004, oil on canvas

183 x 152cm

In Pup Tent, Inka Essenhigh shifts to a more realistic style with poetic sensitivity, translating her graphic designs into a softly rendered 3D world. Her mythological scene unfolds with the compositional order of her earlier enamel paintings: compacted configurations, affiliated by trailing ephemera, engulfed by a swooping mass of flowing motion. In this new painterly language, Essenhigh gives real tangibility to form: her figure comes to life with porcelain-like delicacy, and the fabric flows with defined texture rather than calligraphied patterns. Trading her factitious palette for gothic monochrome, Essenhigh capitalises on the richness and depth of the medium to create a painting that is elegant and haunting.
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