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Shopping The Saatchi Gallery

Inka Essenhigh


2005, oil on linen

178 x 193cm

"I think about [my paintings] as being about America: fake, fun, pop, violent, but also quite attractive," Inka Essenhigh explains. In Essenhigh’s most recent work, images from suburbia convolute into grotesque dreamscapes; her pastoral scenes of normality belie their true nature as instances of alien horror. In Shopping, Essenhigh readily captures the greed of a chav-land mall with cartoonist’s exaggeration: shell-suited blonds undulate with flirtatious curvature, arms cum tentacles slither for bargain goods. In distorting the scene, Essenhigh draws humorous caricature as well as a heightened sense of plasticity; the women resemble figurines in a themed setting, mannequins illustrating their own insincerity.
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