Inka Essenhigh - Contemporary Artists


Supergod The Saatchi Gallery

Inka Essenhigh


2004, oil and enamel on canvas

183 x 188cm

Inka Essenhigh translates the subtle qualities of drawing into luxurious paintings. Resonating with exquisite draughtsmanship, Supergod is reminiscent of the design purity of the art deco era. Painting in oil and enamel, Essenhigh uses the cool gloss effect of her media to create a sense of hyper-artificiality: her flat surface possesses a richness of synthetic colour, deceptive in illusion of depth and luminosity. Influenced by 19th century caricatures, oriental art, and contemporary comics, Essenhigh’s paintings are both exotic and operatic: envisioning futuristic mythologies frozen in sublime moments of suspended animation.
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