Fergal Stapleton - Contemporary Artists

And A Door Opened.3.

And A Door Opened.3. The Saatchi Gallery

Fergal Stapleton

And A Door Opened.3.

Black perspex, electrical fittings, red lightbulbs, polystyrene, concrete hardcore, wood cabling

130 x 66 x 54 cm

These sculptures by Fergal Stapleton trigger a certain range of half-recognitions: DIY science fiction props; orreries assembled from hi-fi store kit parts; minor events at Earth’s orbital margin. Their precision and impoverishment are exactly what make them so astoundingly magical: each one embodies a universe. Inside their dark Perspex enclosures amongst the loops of electrical cable, sit two or three modest items – a concrete chunk, a Styrofoam disc, and other matter found or made, some of it revolving perpetually, slowly under red light-bulbs, creating wondrous parallel microcosms from humble materials.
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