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Baseboard Outlet

Baseboard Outlet The Saatchi Gallery

Garth Weiser

Baseboard Outlet

Oil on canvas

228.6 x 304.8 cm

Garth Weiser’s paintings explore the nature of perception. Weiser’s process often begins by making a three dimensional model of an abstracted form as a ‘sketch’ or model from which to paint. Coating his canvases with thick impasto grids or relief outlines of his composition, Weiser underscores each painting with a textured foundation which enforces the illusionary elements of scale and perspective and the gives a mimetic quality of architectural space.

Using this blueprint of spatial order as a departure point for painterly invention, Weiser’s finished works disrupt and challenge visual expectation. Following the dictates of the underlying pattern, Weisher departs from the depictive ‘reality’ of still life to create mesmerising abstractions.

Enhancing the sense of three dimensional dept, striated bands of monochrome colour gain an ephemeral delicacy as liquidy hues gather within the bevelled creases of the under-painting, and tones are alternately deadened and intensified to create a heightened atmosphere of light; an effect designed for the purpose of interruption. Incorporating ultra-flat geometric shapes, irregularly angled lines, and organic motifs, Weiser readily confuses reality and illusion, forcing an optical confrontation between imaginary expanse and the tangible veritas of the picture plane.
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