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True Peace Will Prevail Under The Rule

True Peace Will Prevail Under The Rule The Saatchi Gallery

Ged Quinn

True Peace Will Prevail Under The Rule

Oil on linen

183 x 250

True Peace Will Prevail under the Rule is a contemporary reworking of Claude Lorrain’s 1666 Old Testament depiction of Jacob, Rachel and Leah at the Well. In the well, bathed in heavenly morning sun, Quinn has placed a serene image of Mount Carmel, home to a dissident religious community assaulted and eventually destroyed by the FBI in the Texan town of Waco in 1993. He plays with the idea of adopted identity, replacing Jacob, renamed Israel by God in The Book of Genesis, with David Koresh, the community’s leader formerly known as Vernon Howells, who took his constructed identity from the names of a Persian king and the Lamb of God. Suspended above the town hangs the image of a pre- Copernican universe, thought to have been centred around the earth, a motionless centre of concentric rotating spheres.
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