Graham Durward - Contemporary Artists

Untitled (Incense Negative)

Untitled (Incense Negative) The Saatchi Gallery

Graham Durward

Untitled (Incense Negative)

Oil on linen

152.4 x 106.7 cm

Though Durward’s Untitled paintings appear abstract, they are actually representations of burning incense. Durward chose to paint incense because of its immateriality and association to ritual. These ideas are echoed through his painting style. In Untitled, the billows of smoke are retraced with the artist’s brush, the gestures replicate both what the vapour looks like as well as its ‘real’ properties of non-physicality and movement. “I like to stress the documentary aspect in relation to seductive painting,” Durward says. “It’s important to me not to give too much information about the works. I construct them to be experienced in an unmediated way. They don’t enter into an artwork dialogue. Where the image comes from should be made as immediate to the viewer as it was to me.”
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