Graham Durward - Contemporary Artists

Untitled (Incense Positive)

Untitled (Incense Positive) The Saatchi Gallery

Graham Durward

Untitled (Incense Positive)

Oil on linen

121.9 x 106.7 cm

Graham Durward’s paintings explore the power of images. Durward develops his paintings from photographs that he finds or takes himself. In his paintings he tries to capture a sense of sublimation; his works suggest both sensuality and distance. His muted tones and ephemeral brushwork describe the intangible with a fixation or longing. “I wanted to talk about a kind of contemporary aura that you could relate to a sacred experience,” Durward explains. “My images have an immediate or contemporary feel, an Ethernet aura, that becomes an ‘otherness’. Each image alludes to the unseen, a part of the world with its own ambience. I think about my work in analytically poetic terms. All the themes relate to some kind of solitude wrapped up somewhere inside desire.”
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