Graham Durward - Contemporary Artists

Untitled (Man With Fruit)

Untitled (Man With Fruit) The Saatchi Gallery

Graham Durward

Untitled (Man With Fruit)

Oil on linen

86.4 x 61 cm

Durward’s process of photographing then painting an image relates to film. His subjects are selected and framed, and the act of translating an image from one medium to another has a sequential aspect. Though Durward’s subjects vary, he views his paintings as being interconnected or related, like stills from different scenes in a non-existent movie. Untitled was made from photographs Durward took of a model he hired via the Internet. Rendered in soft fleshy tones, the figure is inviting yet inaccessible. More like an apparition or memory than a physical presence, the body recedes to give prominence to the pomegranate, a traditional symbol for desire and faith.
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