Eberhard Havekost - Contemporary Artists


Untitled The Saatchi Gallery

Eberhard Havekost


Oil on Canvas

150 x 100 cm

“Because I always see the precise photographic basis while I paint, I sense how the image forever oscillates between two levels of meaning,” Eberhard Havekost explains. “What I see while I experience, I combine with the act of looking at an image produced by the media.” Through his layered process, Eberhard Havekost is acutely aware of how a painting inherently departs from its original subject to gain its own self-referential dynamic. In Untitled, his tower block becomes almost unrecognisable from its source. Translated through the organic intervention of his brush, Untitled invents its own values of interpretation: the meditative qualities of surface, composition and gesture.

Quotes taken from ‘Interview with Florian Illies’ Intervista Con La Pittura Gianni Romano, Postmedia Books 2003.
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