Eberhard Havekost - Contemporary Artists

Zelte II

Zelte II The Saatchi Gallery

Eberhard Havekost

Zelte II

Oil on Canvas

183 x 140cm

Eberhard Havekost often paints series of repetitive images to replicate the serial change of visual effect in nature. In Zelte II, Havekost captures an idyllic view of an apartment block bathed in sunshine; it’s a transitory moment, a fragile instance of sublimity in the constant movement of light. Monumentalised in scale and enhanced through intensity of colour, Havekost fixes this phenomenon in space and time. Like finding the perfect film still in 24 hours of footage, Havekost isolates the defining climax. Through capturing the instantaneous his paintings resonate with an intense anticipation, frozen on the periphery of expectant flux.
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