Henrijs Preiss - Contemporary Artists


No.181 The Saatchi Gallery

Henrijs Preiss


Acrylic and varnish on board

99 x 123 cm

Russian Orthodox icon paintings are often characterised by stylised figures that are posed to tell a story; they are often set within ornate geometric designs. Traditionally icons are made very small so that worshippers can handle them. These paintings are a source of inspiration for Preiss. His work adopts similar compositions, and encourages a devotional contemplation. The idea of experiencing a painting through touch as well as by looking at it is important to Preiss. Like icons, his works are painted on wooden panels, and are varnished to make them more alluring and durable. Preiss renders his paintings with heavily textured surfaces which invite the viewer to imagine what they might feel like. (No matter how tempting, please do not touch the artworks!)
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