Huma Bhabha - Contemporary Artists

Waiting for a Friend

Waiting for a Friend The Saatchi Gallery

Huma Bhabha

Waiting for a Friend

Threaded steel rod, Styrofoam, wood, clay, paint

231.1 x 71.1 x 45.7cm

Approaching sculpture as a form of abjection, Huma Bhabha uses found materials combined with moulded components to create an aesthetic that’s equally industrial and barbaric. Using the rough hewn tactility of her materials, Bhabha’s work exudes a fragile sensibility; their underlying fictions of lost utopia wittily mirror contemporary anxiety. Bhabha’s Waiting For A Friend towers as a dejected fertility totem. Lingering lonely against the gallery wall, its archaic form swells with expectation: plaster and wax thighs bulging, head exaggeratedly erect, spilled guts on full display.
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