Hurvin Anderson - Contemporary Artists

Untitled (Black Street)

Untitled (Black Street) The Saatchi Gallery

Hurvin Anderson

Untitled (Black Street)

Oil on canvas

150 x 239 cm

Executed in swarthy blacks, greys and blues, Anderson’s Untitled (Black Street) depicts a night scene with an almost palpable tension. Beneath the vast velvety sky, the minutiae of the street are mapped out with suggestive ambience, as brickwork is chiselled in metered squares, trees loom in tangled gestures, plate glass windows span with opaque sheen, all reflected in the oil-slick brushwork of wet asphalt. Through these limited tones, Anderson captures this place as a series of senses rather than a visual description, his monochromatic scene conveying the cool damp stillness and deadened quiet of early hour suburbia.
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