Hurvin Anderson - Contemporary Artists

Untitled (Welcome Series)

Untitled (Welcome Series) The Saatchi Gallery

Hurvin Anderson

Untitled (Welcome Series)

Oil on canvas

165.1 x 256.5 cm

Transforming the familiar contours of a street front store into a deceptively illusory space, Anderson’s Untitled (Welcome Series) both challenges perspective and bars its indulgence. Drafted from a rustic palette of warm earthy hues and cool whites and greys, the walls, ceiling, and cabinets advance and recede in a disorientating labyrinth; their shifting planes expressionistically rendered as fields of layered texture, become insolvent grounds for graffiti-like sketches and texts, loosely suggesting posters and furnishings. The foreground, cut through with the bright orange star patterns of a security grill, affirms the flatness of the picture plane while situating the viewer firmly on the outside of this scene, a self-conscious voyeur or intruder.
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