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Don't press too much luck

Don't press too much luck The Saatchi Gallery

Jon Pylypchuk

Don't press too much luck

Wood, wood glue, fake fur, hot glue, watercolor, polyurethane, cotton

Large cat: 109 x 31.8 x 28 cm , small cat 63.50x 185.5 x 20.5 cm

Jon Pylypchuk’s menagerie of cartoon animals evokes unconditional empathy. Attributed with all the unsavoury traits of human character, his varmint cohort of furry victims and bastards become endearing effigies of the dark side of social psychology. Transposing the unthinkable (or unadmitable) into sub-human form, Pylypchuk’s characters become neutral targets for emotional displacement; in his gawpy animal kingdom there is no right or wrong, only a Darwinian hierarchy and Peter Principle law of nature. In Don’t Press Too Much Luck, Pylypchuk’s black cats’ sexual behaviour is cringe-worthy in its aura of patchwork innocence. Velvety plush with slitty vamp eyes, Pylypchuk’s characters are irresistibly charming in their obscenity.
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